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Buy Blue dreams strain Strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid Blue Dream is a favorite strain for both novice and veteran cannabis consumers. Its fragrance consists of a light and sweet blueberry perfume with a woody undertone. Blue Dream cannabis strain is a cross between Blueberry Indica and Sativa Haze.

Fragrance & Flavors of Blue Dream

As mentioned before, Blueberry is a parent of this bud and therefore you can expect the Blue Dream strain to smell like blueberries. However, this fragrance is combined with some sweet vanilla notes and strong hints of mangoes. Additionally, you can smell some notes of spice that enhance the overall fruity fragrance of this flower. Blue Dream tastes exactly how it smells. Its flavor is a combination of berries, spices, and herbal tones. You will definitely enjoy its fruity and strong tones enhanced by a delicate sour hint.

blue dreams strain More Sativa than Indica

A typical Blue Dream strain will have a 60% to 40% rapport between Sativa and Indica. Clearly, you should expect narrower leaves, a more rarefied flower-bud structure, and a higher overall plant. You should have more space in your personal garden if you’re planning on growing this particular strain. While it’s not as tall as a full-fledged Sativa strain, it still retains a reasonable height. blue dream indica or sativa, buy blue dream online,

Being a Sativa-dominant hybrid, the Blue Dream prefers hotter growth environments though it can easily survive in a colder climate as well. It thrives in both outdoor and indoor climates, and it’s one of the least demanding cannabis strains out there. A grower will have to wait a bit longer until the plant completes its flowering cycle though. Around 10 weeks are necessary for the plant to start producing flowers. blue dream bud, blue dreams strain, blue dream kush

Buy Blue Dream strain is certainly not just a couch-locker that you consume and wait to fall asleep. It won’t sedate you physically until you’re unfit to even move a hand. Instead, what it does is incredible – it elevates your level of consciousness, improves your imagination, and instills a state of euphoric relaxation within you. blue dream weed, what strain is blue dream,

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