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Indica. THC: 22% – 25%
Kosher Kush is famed for its enticing flavor and higher potency ingredients. But that is not the one thing that makes this breed famous; Kosher Kush is the only breed that’s been blessed by a Rabbi! Additionally, it’s been awarded the High Times Indica Cup in the years 2010 and 2011.

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Kosher Kush Strain – Buy Kosher Kush online:

Kosher Kush is a mostly Indica hybrid Vehicle That won the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in 2012. It has the distinction of being the first business breed blessed by a Rabbi. The blessing is considered to attract both enlightenment and a state of blissful tranquility. This strain produces a strong but lazy body buzz which may leave novice users very sedated, but additionally, it lifts their moods with its Sativa-based cerebral results. Buy Kosher Kush online.

The strain produces a powerful aroma that allows smokers to attain complete body relaxation and relieve stress. Because of this, many physicians have reported relief from depression. The strain will enable your body to transcend to a state of calmness, thereby draining your mind of worries.

It reportedly leaves a strong influence on the smoker which stays for quite a long time. Hence, many smokers have reported having a relaxing sleep smoking Kosher Kush. The most frequently reported side effects to include headache, dry eyes, and nausea. However, heavy smokers may not experience the same sorts of effects as novices. Thus, we advise you to practice extreme caution with the strain; large levels of Kosher Kush can cause blurred vision and lack of clarity. Additionally, you can Buy Kosher Kush online from us today.

Kosher Kush’s genetics are largely a puzzle though most growers agree that the breed likely contains OG Kush in its lineage. The strain comes from California and was initially known as”Jew Gold” or JG.

As the breed became more mainstream and a favorite among dispensary owners, its first offensive title was changed to something more. It’s grown indoors. After flowering for nine to fourteen days, plants can produce up to 550 grams per square meter. Buy Kosher Kush online Now – kosher kush strain available.


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