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Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica. THC: 13% – 22%
Lemon Diesel is a breed that’s been bred using Green Lantern Seeds. The Lemon Diesel Strain is a hybrid vehicle, which has been shaped by the combination of Lost Coast OG and California Sour. These are fairly easy to grow as they take no longer than 9 or 10 weeks to grow correctly.

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Lemon Diesel Strain – Buy Lemon Diesel online:

It made it to the top ten in the 2010 Emerald Cup. Because of this, it took home a fresh band of customers with it. This kid of legends was born from two popular parents, California Sour and Lost Coast OG, and provides users a familiar, yet distinctive expertise in the vein of its genetics with flavors that pop and consequences that leave you feeling like you are floating on a cloud that is citrus. Buy Lemon Diesel online here.

This astonishingly skunky bud provides up moderate levels of THC averaging about 16% and an addictive taste palate that ranges from peppery lemon to rich, sweet fruit. Her aromas are skunky and candy with undertones of pepper, lemon, and sour diesel. The dark purple and grey leaves work to highlight the bright greens on the buds in addition to the sparse orange hairs which cover them.

In appearance, they are long and have little buds growing on them which are dense. The dense buds around the cannabis are largely filled in during the past couple of weeks of the flowering process of the Lemon Diesel Strain. Buy Lemon Diesel online. The leaves of this strain are long and broad too. Also with a blend of grey and purple color, which functions as its distinguishing element. The Lemon Diesel Strain is known famously for producing the individual who uses it to feel uplifted. The strain also makes the individual creative and happy.

If you are a fan of Diesel breeds you will love this iteration. It is highly effective, gives off amazing scents when burnt. Hence, you’ll end up alert and ready to accept your afternoon. Despite the fact that this energetic phase is short-lived, the mixture of comfort and alertness will surely create Lemon Diesel


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