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Indica Dominant Hybrid (65% Indica / 35% Sativa). THC: 18% – 22%
White Skunk is a somewhat indica dominant hybrid (65 percent indica/35percent sativa) breed that was produced by breeders in the notorious Sensi Seeds as a powerful combination of this insanely popular White Widow X Super Skunk strains. This dank bud boasts a reasonably substantial THC level that ranges from 18-20percent on average and a sharp odor and taste of bitter orange with a pungent touch of skunk.

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By mixing together two extremely popular breeds and bringing out all of the best traits of the parents, Sensi Seeds has given us yet another home run choice. It provides users a balance of effects and flavor all while living up to family expectations. Buy White Skunk Online.

The THC levels of the strain are on the medium to the high side, falling between 18% and 22% normally. This is very good for users who love a heady high that’s just the perfect amount of relaxing to still be functional. These leafy buds are olive and polyunsaturated oil with amber hairs and rich purple undertones. White skunk bud strain and other top breeds available at our shop.

Users describe the White Skunk high as having a direct uplifting cerebral effect. Because of this, it leaves you euphoric with waves of positive energy constantly ebbing through your body and mind. In addition, this is accompanied by a spacey remote cerebral impact. Hence, leaves you creative and incredibly introspective but still practical if need be. You’re going to be deeply relaxed and trapped in your own mind for a while after smoking this marijuana!. Buy White Skunk Online.

Because of these powerful effects, White Skunk is supposedly a perfect breed for treating patients suffering from conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, fatigue, and mild cases of depression. These nugs are frosted with thick crystal trichomes and a nice layer of sweet sticky resin. Buy White Skunk Online.

Medical users love this strain as an aide with symptoms of mood disorders like depression, bipolar, anxiety, or moderate anxiety. Its ability to uplift and soothe the soul makes it perfect for these conditions. As it’s extremely stimulating, it’s terrific for nausea, digestion, and increasing appetite. The sedative properties allow it to be stellar to


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